Peak Taichi Flash 3.0 “Oj•Mayo” Actual Basketball Shoes

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Flash 3 adopts the continuation of the family's concise strip design. The shoe shape is smooth and natural, taking into account actual combat and fashion, and can control the smart lightness of bubble color matching on and off the court.

Peak × Taichi Flash 3 “Oj•Mayo” Actual Basketball Shoes - E-SPORTS
Color: Black
SKU: E13907A
Upper: Fabric
Sole: Rubber
Release Date: 2021 Summer
Condition: Brand New and 100% Authentic
1.Using light and thin fabric material upper.
2. The shoe body is made of hot-melt material to reduce the overall weight of the sneaker.
3. The large mesh breathable mesh is matched with a one-piece tongue to bring more fit.
4. The forefoot uses SUPER P-MOTIVE technology.

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